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Valorem Foundation VLR Token Initial Coin Offering & Pre-Sale is notifying potential users and participants of our cryptocurrency availability of the VLR token.
Filling out the form above we will collect your information. We will follow up via email. We will send you promotional information. You will receive a set of informational emails customized to your interests. Valorem Foundation will not sell or disclose your information to third parties.
The information provided here should not be interpreted as advice or encouragement for investments of any kind. We do not guarantee the legitimacy or value of VLR or any claims made in this whitepaper or communication derived or resulted from it. Users and participants are solely responsible for investigating and researching every piece of information on their own before deciding to support us.
All potential users will be encouraged to affirm the following conditions before approval is granted to receive VLR tokens via SAFT agreement that will be sent via ECHOSIGN for their approval upon confirmation of received funds.
Please read the below carefully to see if you comply with this offering.
• I certify and confirm that I have read and understand the Disclaimer included in the Valorem Foundation White Paper, Pitch Deck, SAFT AGREEMENT and that I expressly accept all terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties described in these terms and agree to be bound by them.
• I declare and certify that I am acting in a professional capacity and am considered as an accredited investor or variations of these sorts respective in my own country and know the requirements to be considered as such in my own country.
• I declare and certify that I carried out the research or taking the relevant advice from specialized attorneys to ensure that no legislation or regulation applicable to my situation and my place of residence, or no position or recommendation from a competent national authority prohibits me or limits me in the purchase and the possession of VLR Tokens, and more widely in the possession of cryptocurrencies.
• I certify and confirm that I am aware that this presentation is provided for commercial purposes only, in order to present Valorem Foundation and the ICO project; as I am interested in the content of this presentation I agree that I fully grasp the consequences of a token subscription and the possible risk to partial or total loss of this subscription. I agree and comply with this.
• I certify and confirm this presentation is strictly confidential and exclusively for me, its intended user. It may not be communicated to a third party without the prior and written agreement from the Valorem Foundation. I agree and comply with this.
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• I am aware and agree to notify the Valorem Foundation if this page found me in error. If I cannot comply with any terms of this disclaimer, I will notify the Valorem Foundation immediately that I am in violation of said disclaimer and that I am to be marketed to, no longer.
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