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smart Cashflow investing

Ability to invest in any business or enterprise anywhere with others, or by yourself. Blockchain verified via smart contract.


secure lending using hedge

Ability to borrow and lend for any purpose with others, or by yourself, and even allow a hedge if a vote is approved.

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What are you looking to accomplish with our platform? Please be as detailed as possible: - Invest in a Cashflowing Business - Expand Your Own Business - Borrow Money for a Start Up - Lend Money and/or Borrow Money - Participate in Investment Groups that Help Aspiring Entreprenuers Grow - Use "Trust Me" to safely and securely transact on the blockchain

“Investing Contract”

Ability for many to invest in ones business from anywhere.


“Lending Contract”

Ability for many to lend to one with optional hedge by others.


“Trust Me Contract”

Ability for one to transact safely with another using our escrow feature.