Thank You for making your VLR Token purchase via Green Money!

1 ETHER = 1000 VLR + Current 50% Bonus

TSQ_0771 - Copy.jpg


After completing the purchase/transfer, please remember to send an additional email confirmation to within 24 hours of initiating the transfer. 

Upon receipt of the funds, we will confirm your purchase and send you an Electronic SAFT document to sign and approve. 

Once SAFT is Signed, please go to, create your Ethereum Wallet, then email us the Ether Wallet Address so we may document where to send your VLR Tokens after the crowdsale is finished and the platform is launched. 


When the ICO is finished and the Platform is launched, we will send you an invitation email where you can claim your tokens. We hope to have our own private wallets ready by that time, but if not, we will send the tokens to your MEW wallet.