Buy & Sell Handmade Items from Emerging Markets

At the Valorem Foundation, we’re reshaping the online marketplace and empowering it with Trust.

“Trust Me” is a Value Driven Marketplace on the Blockchain. User’s are able to Buy and Sell items that are handmade in emerging markets.

Welcome to The “Trust Me” Marketplace

A “Value Driven” Global Marketplace powered by the VLR Token - A Utility Growth Measuring Driver of Value


Whether it’s Handmade, Vintage, Custom, Or One of Kind, You can Sell it on The “Trust Me” Marketplace. We Promote Unique Items From Around the World. Independent Makers. Gifts. Handmade & Custom Items.

Types: Home & Living, Craft Items & Accessories.

Find Everything You Need on the “Trust Me” Marketplace.

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The “Trust Me” Marketplace fosters growth and development of small communities of artists and crafters that share knowledge around on our private forum discussions.

People come from various backgrounds who share in the their common love for creating beautifully handcrafted items.


Established in 2019 to connect you with small and local businesses throughout the world, our developing markets provide users the ability to shop for handcrafted goods, connect with makers and help other users sustain themselves and their families worldwide using the VLR, a growth measuring driver of value.

We believe in supporting our neighbors , families and friends worldwide and are proud to promote sustainability and encourage the world to shop here.

Benefits to using the Trust me MARKETPLACE

  • Trust is a problem worldwide. The “Trust Me” Marketplace is Specifically Designed to Promote Trust and Trade.

  • Trusted Online Transactions via Built-In Escrow. This will Prevent Fraud and Promote Loyalty and Honesty in the Marketplace.

  • Secure Gift Card Redemption for VLR Token Purchasing. Allowing the Ability to Purchase Goods via Gift Cards Expands the Marketplace and Adds Significant Value to our Ecosystem and the VLR Token.

  • Real-Time Chat powered by Rocket Chat. Provides the Ability for Buyers and Sellers to Communicate Freely and Openly Worldwide. Allowing Transactions to be Recorded on the Blockchain, Providing Stability and Confusion Free Commerce on our Blockchain.

  • Non-Fiat Value Driver. While the Rest of the World Uses Fiat Currency that Decreases in Value Over Time. The VLR is a Growth Measuring Driver of Value. There are only 200,000,000 VLR ever made. As Opposed to Other Currencies Prone to Inflation, the More Usage the VLR will Receive the Higher Value They Will Be.

  • VLR Token is a Utility Unit of Measure. As the Transactions on our Blockchain Increase, we will List the VLR Token on Dozens of Popular Exchanges and Promote It’s Sale.

supporting a global marketplace

Our development team will be right there with you every step of the way. From resolving support tickets, to helping you reach your full potential on the “Trust Me” Marketplace our team is committed to your success.