Maintain Customer Loyalty by giving out free VLR Tokens redeemable for goods and services at your establishment.


AVOID joining the “SEA of MARKETING EMAILS” that your customers NEVER READ or OPEN.


Step 1: Get your customers email address at checkout and provide it to us. Explain that they will get some Free VLR redeemable for something in your store or they can sell it on an exchange.

i.e. 10 VLR = $1 Off, or 20 VLR = Free Coffee, etc

Step 2. Allocate them their VLR (done by Valorem Foundation).

Step 3: Remind them of their VLR Balance every once in a while, send them specials and how much that VLR is worth at your establishment to them so that they will return.


Grow BASE & retention

Using a simple email address, give you customers VLR tokens (FREE). Allow them to redeem them in your establishment as you desire by sending them to your Valorem Wallet when they return.

Give them more VLR whenever they return and watch your customer base multiply!


Step 4: When they return, show them what they have earned with their VLR and let them send it to you.

Step 5: When they make their new purchase, send them more VLR here:

Step 6: Rinse, Repeat & watch your Customer Base Grow ;) …….. ALL FOR FREE!


stand out to your customers

By teaching your customers about Valorem, you increase transaction limits, grow the value of the VLR and substantially differentiate yourself from the generic competitors that simply send emails and discounts. Your customers will appreciate the ability to trade the tokens on the open market or redeem them with you and other retailers we onboard.

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explore our ever growing list of features!

do more with the VLR than ever before!


“Investing Contract”

Ability for many to invest in ones business from anywhere.


“Lending Contract”

Ability for many to lend to one with optional hedge by others.


“Trust Me Contract”

Ability for one to transact safely with another using our escrow feature.