The “Trust Me” Guarantee - Payment Protection Guidelines for the Trust Me Marketplace

In order to foster fairness, reward loyalty, and encourage collaboration between buyers and sellers to grow their businesses on; Valorem Foundation, Inc Provides Payment Protection to buyers and sellers for legitimately conducted transactions according to the eligibility criteria can be found below…

The “Trust Me” Guarantee

To qualify for Valorem Foundations, Payment Protection,

You must:

  • Discuss All Transactional Aspects at Length and In-Detail via VF Chat with Other Party.

  • Conduct Transactions with a Buyer/Seller on the Trust Me Marketplace and with VLR ONLY (Not BTC, ETH or Other Currency).

  • VF Account Must be in Good Standing and Fully KYC Verified.

  • Have your Public and Private Profile Completely Updated, Current and Accurate.

  • Conduct the transaction with Good Faith and Zero Ambiguity.

  • Cooperate with VF Investigators and Provide a Detailed Explanation to our Admins if the Transaction or Your Account is ever Reviewed

  • Maintain Fair Activity Levels & Solid Feedback

  • Keep Your Word

The following cases do not qualify for Valorem Foundations, Payment Protection, and Will Get Your Account Frozen and/Or Banned.

  • Criminal Activity: The three specific elements (with exception) that define a crime:

    • (1) That a crime has actually occurred (actus reus):

    • (2) That the accused intended the crime to happen (mens rea)

    • (3) Concurrence of the two meaning there is a timely relationship between the first two factors.

  • Proving the Transaction and it’s related Parties Intentionally Sought to Defraud One Another

    • Incomplete Transaction Coordination via Chat which led to Confusion and Intentional Deceit.

  • Payment for Anything Other than the Agreed Upon Transaction, including

    • Outside Payments, including bonuses, gifts, bribes, and other one-time payments

  • Payments from Parties who haven’t verified their KYC

  • Users or Parties in Violation of the Valorem Foundation Inc Terms of Service

  • Instances in Which you are Aware of, or Complicit in, Another User's Violation of the Valorem Foundation Inc - Terms of Service

  • Instances in Which you are Involved in Fraudulent Activities or Abuse of the Trust Me Payment Protection.

Valorem Foundation Inc - Trust Me Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Valorem Foundations' Terms of Service.

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