The Best is Yet to Come!

Dear Investors & Valorem Foundation Members, 

Thank you everyone who participated in our ICO. 

What an amazing experience doing an ICO. We've made amazing partners, friends and collaborators. We have reached the far corners of the blockchain industry and we are just warming up! 

With only 1 day left until we close our ICO, we want to thank everyone who contributed, participated and supported our plans to build something truly unique and valuable for the blockchain industry for the long term.

While other ICO's promise the world and do not deliver, the end of our ICO is just the first step for the Valorem Foundation. 

We know the ICO industry has suffered major setbacks. However, the Valorem Foundation is still going strong and working to fulfill the promises it made 6 months ago. We appreciate your patience and support in our initiatives.

Over the last 2 months, we have been developing a simple and easy to use dashboard with 4 wallets: BTC, ETH, VLR & USD. We are proud to say that our wallets are almost complete and we will be sending out invites to all participants within the next 30 days. 

The Valorem Team is comprised of builders and after we launch the wallets, we will begin to onboard users, vendors and participants to begin using the basic platform. 

Once we our environment is stabilized and growing, we will begin developing our lending and investing smart contracts. Here we will truly stand out from the crowd and build something that is of value and can be utilized in a multi-faceted approach - to reach everyone!

Current Stats & Highlights: 
12,000+ Twitter followers
15,000+ Telegram members
60,000+ Email subscribers
40,000,000+ VLR Tokens Reserved and Awaiting Allocation

When will we be listed on exchanges? 

We are aware of this need, we are in touch with a number of exchange platforms and are reviewing them. While we know the benefit of going on an exchange, we are bound by the rules of our SAFT and our PPM. As soon as we will get listed on any exchange we will let our community know. Until then, your tokens will be safely stored in your wallets or outside them (if that is what you decide to do once you are registered.)

It is and will always be our goal to stabilize the value of the VLR and to grow the community. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!  

Let's Invest AdValorem!


Valorem Foundation Team

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