Reduced Soft and Hard Cap - 21,744,285 VLR Already Reserved!

Thank You for Participating in the Valorem Foundation VLR Token Sale. 

New Soft Cap:  $5,000,000 USD
New Hard Cap: $15,000,000 USD

As mentioned, we are doing this to build a community, after carefully outlining the necessary development road-map, we realized that we can build the platform and allow trust based value transfers using our reserve lending formula and it would still work perfectly. 

We appreciate everyone who is currently helping us create awareness of our project and we invite everyone to participate with the new minimums we set below.  

Already over 21,744,285 VLR has been reserved. That is over 20% of the total supply. This means that the community will have the tokens in hand when the ICO closes and the Valorem Platform is Live later this year. 

We invite you to help us grow by contributing a little to our project for a 50% Bonus happening now!

Let's Invest AdValorem & Think About Our Future!

The minimum's are as follows: 
0.1 ETH
0.05 BTC
Ethereum ICO Token Contract Address: 
Bitcoin ICO Token Address: 

We are currently working with a processor to setup the ability to take fiat. 

Anyone wanting to pay with fiat, please send an email to

Accredited Investors Only

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