Phishing and Impersonators of Valorem - BE CAREFUL

Dear Subscribers and ICO Participants,

We know that this industry is plagued with scams and phishing attacks of all sorts. We have been the victims of some and have recently heard that there are various social media channels impersonating Valorem Foundation admins requesting funds be sent to them. Do Not Do It.

Please be careful. No one outside of a domain of will ever discuss the ICO with you. Do Not send anyone funds until you speak to someone at that domain, via direct form online or on one of our REAL social channels on the bottom of this site. Here is the latest fake Telegram Channel. - THIS IS FAKE

here are the user ID @Flosuppp
here is the other person Viktorila Podoshvina: @valoremfoundationico
THIS IS FAKE. Please be careful. We will repost this in our social media channels and will send an email blast. Hope this helps.
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