Launch Announcement: "Trust Me" - A Value Driven Marketplace on the Blockchain

Launch to Market Announcement: Valorem Foundation "Trust Me" Marketplace

A Value Driven Marketplace on the Blockchain by Valorem Foundation

The team behind the Valorem Foundation "Trust Me" Platform has been hard at work over the last year. We are thrilled to announce the “Trust Me” Marketplace Platform launch date into public alpha this fall 2019! 

The official launch date is October 18th, 2019, and should come with a warm welcome from the Valorem community.

That said, today we will take a quick deep dive into the Valorem Foundation "Trust Me" Platform!

What to expect from “Trust Me” Launch? A Value Driven Marketplace on the Blockchain.

Users will be empowered for the first time within the Valorem Foundations ecosystem to buy and sell their goods and services publicly. The platform will host a variety of different services and product categories to within the Valorem Foundation "Trust Me" Platform.

The platform will include categories such as online services such as experts for Amazon, eBay, or other niche specialties. Furthermore, the variety of shopping categories for physical products include textbooks, art, and real estate rentals. All of which will be operational through the Valorem Foundation "Trust Me" Platform!

Benefits of the Valorem Foundation “Trust Me” Platform

  • Establishing Trust between users upon entry to the crypto industry

  • Secured online transactions with a built-in escrow system

  • Complete built-in payment system with VLR tokens

  • Secure chat platform powered by Rocket Chat for users to coordinate their transactions

  • User Fiat Participation via Secure Gift Card Redemption.

In closing, the team will continue to work hard to promote the platform and ensure a healthy ecosystem develops within the Valorem Foundation “Trust Me” Platform.

Keep an eye out for more exciting marketing initiatives to come from the launch of the Valorem Foundation “Trust Me” Platform! These programs will help promote the platform and down the road may include digital marketing tactics such as cryptocurrency influencer marketing and news publications promoting Valorem. 

The VF team will also be sending out regular updates via our Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, BitcoinTalk outlets. So, be sure to follow via your favorite channel!

As always, if you have questions, contact a member of the VF team online via our Telegram channel.

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