Development Updates for January 2019

Dear Valorem Community,

We are excited to say that we are slowly moving towards our goal of a fully functioning platform.

As foundation is the most important of a steady user experience, our first move was to create a simple and easy to use Profile Section for each user. Last week we made live a public and private profile update for every user.


Update 1: The Public Profile Link on your user navigation take you to a Public url link that each user can share with others. This is helpful for each user when you want to someone outside the application (or inside) to see your Bio (About Me), Reviews (USER REVIEWS), Active Platform Posts (ACTIVE POSTS), Posts Your Shared with Others (SHARED POSTS) & Completed Transactions (COMPLETED POSTS); as well as KYC status on the application. This section will be updated with transactions that each user personally participates in the future.

This update is now Live! The link to it can be found here:

Public Profile on Valorem Foundation Application

Update 2: The Private Profile Link on your user navigation takes you to a similar page as above where you can enter your personal information, update your picture that feeds to the public page.

In the private page, we show you some personal details that does not get shared on the public page, like your phone number and your token balance.

This update is now Live! The link to it can be found here:

Private Profile on Valorem Foundation Application

Update 3: The most common element between users is their email address. As the functions of the platform expand we want people to start using each other’s email addresses to send tokens to each other.

For this reason, we have created a feature where you can use a “known” email address of a known user to send VLR token to them instead of long and complicated Eth Addresses.

This update is now Live! See below.

Email Address Lookup and Sending.


The features above are commonly used when the users are aware of each other’s intentions and needs with regard to the application. That is why we are currently working on implementing the following changes in the coming months that will take us a giant leap closer to a complete user experience. Once completed, we will load the financial features of the application.

Next updates will include:

  1. Posting - Where every user can see and participate in a Forum/Discussion Page like environment. Select products and services, interact with others.

  2. Secure Messaging/Chat Feature allowing interaction between users so they can arrange, discuss and plan on how to process the various Loans/Investments/Trust Me/Hedge based transactions.

As a replacement for our loss of our processor SpicaPay, we have found a replacement and actively seeing how we can integrate with them. The functional processor will allow us to connect all global users under one Valorem Application. Stay tuned for more updates on this in the coming months as well.

We are currently in discussions with a few exchanges and should have a few new listings shortly. Stand by for more on this in the coming weeks.

Valorem Team

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