Market Slow? Valorem Isn't!


We know that during a down market the worst thing is uncertainty.

Which token to buy? Which to sell

The worst part is that your value is decreasing day by day. 

Not the case with our Valorem Foundation ICO. If you purchased our token and are awaiting distribution your value is retained and saved. Think of it like a savings account until our ICO matures and the platform is delivered. 

Valorem Foundation has allocated 19,187,252 VLR Tokens. Purchase yours today and save yourself the headache!

We've engaged the 50% Bonus! Join Us Today

Share us on your Social Media, join us on BitcoinTalk and help us rank higher on the forums to get more exposure.  

Help us reach our goal by purchasing the VLR Token today!
1 Ethereum = 1000 VLR
The minimum's are as follows: 
0.1 ETH
0.05 BTC
$100 USD
Ethereum ICO Token Contract Address: 
Bitcoin ICO Token Address: 
AltCoin Exchange for VLR Program
Credit Card/Bank Transfer:
You can purchase the tokens directly on our website via Credit Card. 

Please Note: We are no longer using PayPal for Contributions.
(All previous PayPal contributions are confirmed.)
Anyone looking to make a contribution greater than $25,000 please send an email to to discuss the process.

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