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Valorem Token Airdrop Reveals A New Lending Platform

With the thousands of ICOs launching every year, it is difficult to identify which ones are worth exploring and putting your foot on the deal. A good strategy is to snatch up as many tokens as you can for free through airdrops and faucets where they are available. One recent airdrop that came to my attention was the (VLR) Valorem Token Airdrop.

My initial response was ‘Oh, cool! Another bunch of free coins to add to my stash.’ And then I started doing some digging on what the Valorem Foundation seeks to achieve.

The Valorem Foundation are adding a different spin, or value proposition, to the concept of lending on the blockchain. This space is quickly becoming a crowded, and somewhat dubious with an increasing number of shady characters emerging. I encourage you to do your own research and due diligence before investing in anything.

Bringing a different approach to how they will engage the wider financial services market, the Valorem Foundation seeks to provide a basis of stabilization in what is currently a very volatile market. If they are able to pull this off and calm the raging crypto sea by virtue of their ecosystem, then I believe that customers will begin to flock to them. The attraction for early adopters in finding stability in an emerging economic model is a clear bonus. Consumers who do not see the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market as a threat to their cash flow and capital through this system will be akin to a holy grail.

The cost of doing business
With the recent meteoric rise in the price of Bitcoin in the last days of 2017, and the opening of 2018 (prior to the correction that saw a peel-back of well over 50% which left the wider market was understandably spooked), the cost of transacting in BTC became extremely expensive, and borderline unsustainable. The actual cost of transacting with VLR in the wild remains to be seen, and many of us are eagerly awaiting the public release.

By introducing the Valorem token to the marketplace, I hope we will see the vision that theValorem Foundation has cast (as shown in the video below) become a reality.

To hodl, or not to hodl?
My only concern is that the value of the token, like many others, will become subject to the same combination of ‘a store of value’ and ‘a commodity for trading’ before it is completely applied to its intended utility.

I believe that how we (the wider crypto-investing community) are treating many cryptocurrencies right now, by hodling them, rather than using them in their intended ecosystems, is causing their value in many cases to rise beyond their true worth. In some cases, this is seeing them inflate to being priced beyond their primary application and use case.

Sure, there are some coins that you should hodl as a store of value (some more than others), and save as a nest egg for your retirement – why not? But then there are the tokens that really need to be ‘used’ in order for their utility to survive and deliver what they intended to. I see Valorem as one of these tokens that need to be used so that the benefits of the Valorem Foundation can be made manifest.

According to the whitepaper, there are 200 million VLR tokens to be created as a hard cap. What the future actually holds beyond that, no one can surely say. VLR may face a fork in the future as we have seen with other well-intended projects that have also hit forks for various reasons (maybe one day we will see a VLR Classic or VLR Lite).

I believe that Valorem has the potential emerge to be a leader in their chosen space, but in order to take the lion’s share of the market, they need to recognize that they are in a race with other well-designed systems (and unfortunately some blatant scams) and projects. These are all seeking to leverage their network effects to be the dominant player, but who in this space is going to see the results?

As an investor or an adopter of the blockchain, I encourage you to do your own research before blindly jumping in on anything. Explore the Valorem website and take the time to tick the boxes you need to in order to satisfy your requirements.

Lending Platforms and Public Perception – The Unfortunate Recent Turn of Events
The public perception that is developing quickly is that lending platforms are largely becoming a trash product. This I believe is a result of the ease of being able to set up a platform of this type on the blockchain, and the inconsistencies in regulation across international borders.

We have seen the market being flooded with products in this space of late that have seen some huge pump and dump activity on the markets. Unfortunately, many people still have a bad taste in their mouth after what happened with BitConnect, and more recently DavorCoin. I believe the same will potentially happen with MonetizeCoin after looking at their model.

From what I can see, Valorem sits much closer to the ETHLend side of the scale of the blockchain lending platforms than the aforementioned BitConnnect, DavorCoin, and MonetizeCoin. The mere fact that there is no affiliate or referral program built into the VLR platform puts me at ease with their transparency, intention, and integrity.

There is a bounty system in place with rewards for various developmental and marketing related activities. This I believe provides a basis for honest review, and as I represent TechMagy and create content for the TechMagy audience, if I smell a rat I won’t damage the brand I have built with my followers in schilling a project that lacks merit.

Their intention to provide wider services than lending is another element of what gives me confidence, but, only time will tell if Valorem has the legs to be a big player in this space.

Purchasing VLR Tokens
Built as an ERC20 complaint token, the VLR sits on the Ethereum blockchain. The Valorem Foundation ICO is currently offering 50% bonus tokens through their website, with instructions on how to purchase on This will expire soon (expected to be around the 16th of February 2018), so if you like the look of what the Valorem Foundation has to offer, don’t procrastinate.

Valorem Token Airdrop – VLR
All the same, free tokens are free tokens so take a look at the Valorem Token Airdrop and the Bounty page to claim yours while you can. You can get access to 250 Valorem tokens now, I would suggest doing so while the Valorem Token Airdrop is still available! To participate in this, all you’ll need to do is input your Ethereum wallet address to receive the deposit, and your email address in the required fields on their airdrop page (

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