UPDATE: New Bounty Awards & Timeline

Dear Valorem Team and Bounty Hunters,

Today is Really Exciting for us! We have completely revamped the Bonus and Timeline!

Currently, and for the next 44 days we are in Pre-Sale Mode and the Bonus is 100%.

Yes, that's right. For every (1) Ether you put in, you will get 2000 VLR tokens

The minimum contribution amount is 0.1 for both Pre-Sale and ICO.

As a tremendous thanks to everyone who is currently supporting us via bounty on Twitter/FB/BitcoinTalk/Telegram we will be crediting them 1000 VLR tokens for absolutely FREE when the ICO closes!

This is of course is addition to what you will earn via bounty. 

We will be checking the stats tomorrow morning EST. So, if you still haven't joined the BitcoinTalk and added our signature or have added Facebook, now is the time to do so! 

We know the FB is still not fixed in the bounty.advalorem.io portal. It will be. We're working on the app diligently and think we might have it done by Tuesday. 

Everyone is still getting credit for it as previously mentioned.

We want to thank you all for being there and supporting our platform development. We hope you love your free tokens and not sell them all.

You will be able to use them in the platform when we roll it out. 

The new timeline is currently on the website: www.advalorem.io

Minimum 0.1 ETH for Pre-Sale and ICO

Now thru Jan 28th - Pre-Sale Mode - 100% Bonus (This is the time to buy our token)
VLR Token is Live! - January 28th ICO - 50% Bonus
February 28th ICO - 40% Bonus
March 28th ICO - 20% Bonus
April 28th ICO - 10% Bonus
May 28th ICO - 5% Bonus
June 28th ICO - Closes

We want to build a big community of users in our new platform. So, we thought this would be the best incentive we could give. We hope you all agree. 

Thank you for your help and promotion of Valorem Foundation. We are glad you are a part of our VLR Token Family. 


Val Kleyman

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