12,589,672 VLR Tokens Reserved


We are very excited to bring to you great news. During the last 16 days of our Pre-Sale, the Valorem Foundation Community has embraced and reserved 12,589,672 VLR!

Telegram Channel - 4,262 Subscribers
Twitter - 7,108 Followers
Facebook - 413 Followers
Newsletter - 14,671 Subscribers

This is an outstanding achievement for the Valorem Foundation Community and is exactly the kind of support network we aim to build. During our ICO (which starts in 30 hours or so and begins with a 50% Bonus), we will be releasing more updates, more airdrop spots, and more news about the foundation.

We look forward to distributing these tokens after the ICO/Platform Launch Lock-Up Period is Over.

The great benefit of these tokens is that they are the actual tokens that will be used on the platform when it is launched so we hope that the community holds them. 

As we near the close of our Pre-Sale we are reminded that creating value is not an easy task, but it is a simple one.

Our Vision: Disrupt & Simplify.

The power of the VLR token is not some mysterious force, but the community that supports it.

YOU are that community and we are honored you have joined us in this journey.

Thank You for supporting and spreading the word about the VLR Token. We hope that we can keep building on this successful achievement as we head into our ICO.
For those of you that have not yet purchased the token, joined our bounty, signed up to the pre-sale/ICO, we hope that you do and help us spread the word of this amazing achievement in our community.

Share us on your Social Media, join us on BitcoinTalk and help us rank higher on the forums to get more exposure.

12,589,672 VLR has already been allocated. Remember, we started with ZERO.  

100% Bonus ends & 50% Bonus starts in 30 hours!

Help us reach our goal by purchasing the VLR Token today!
1 Ethereum = 1000 VLR
The minimum's are as follows: 
0.5 ETH
0.1 BTC
$1000 USD
Ethereum Presale Token Contract Address: 
Bitcoin Presale Token Address: 
US Dollar PayPal Address: 
or you can purchase directly on our website. 
We've recently announced the AltCoin Exchange for VLR Program. 
We accept various currencies. 

VLR Token for AltCoin Exchange Program


"Thank You Valorem Foundation Community Supporters, you are the energy that helps motivate us to continue forward and build this amazing community!"

Let's Think About Our Future & Invest AdValorem!

Val Kleyman | Founder 

Valorem Foundation

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